Getting Rid of Plantar Fasciitis For Good

With every step you take, your feet and ankles endure a large amount of force. When you have foot pain, your stability, mobility, and strength decrease. This can alter how you walk, stand, run or jump and affect the functioning of your knees, hips, and back. Since you use your feet and ankles constantly, this … Read more

Different Workouts for Different Kids, Sports & Goals

Some things in life are truly one-size-fits-all: adjustable caps, rain ponchos, bath towels. But–workouts for athletes do not fit into this category! There are some things that all athletes are looking for including: Strength Quickness Endurance Stamina Vertical leap Amount of fast twitch muscle fiber Flexibility and range of motion. What they are trying to … Read more

4 Alternatives to Standard Weight Training Methods

1. Use dumbbells instead of straight bars One of the things that you can do with dumbbells that you can’t do with a straight bar is rotate your hands so that the palm sides of your hands are facing each other. This is the position your hands should be in when you are doing Military … Read more

How to Track Your Weight Training Progress

We’ve put together instructions and protocols for weight training programs. And–we’ve even made a downloadable sheet for you to use. You can download a copy of the tracker here or a PDF version here. The instructions and protocols for weight training program & progress tracking Flexibility is measured in two areas, upper and lower body. … Read more

How to Run Faster, Jump Higher, and Throw Harder

And we can help you do this–here’s how. One of the things we’ve always focused on at Therapy Central is not just on pain relief but the elimination of pain.  What we’ve come to realize is that with pain elimination comes with some really cool side effects. In athletes, we’ve noticed that when their pain disappears, … Read more

The 5/50 Workout Program from Moench Method Bodywork

The 5/50 workout program is a base program. We will have specific exercises and programs for nearly every sport soon. Before you start this, listen up Please consult with your physician to make sure you’re in the clear to start this exercise or diet program. We don’t want you to get hurt while doing it. … Read more

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