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"Babies cry; it's totally normal."

But, it’s not.

When babies have been fed, burped, and changed, and are still crying… they are in pain. Pre-Birth Postural Deficits develop in the womb. Depending on their position, certain muscles will become tight and contracted. The act of being born does not automatically loosen those tight muscles to the proper length.

Ken’s book on this subject will be available soon! 

How it Started

In 2012, Ken worked on a baby for the first time; his grandson, Austin, was 3 weeks old. The "colic" symptoms subsided immediately and his overall demeanor drastically improved. In 2014, Ken worked on a second baby; his granddaughter, Calla, at 36 hours old. Considering that both babies had "easy" births, this was the moment that the lightbulb went on! 

Where It's Going

Correcting Pre-Birth Postural Deficits, and getting babies out of pain, is monumental in their overall development. They will be able to absorb more of the world around them. They will be approached by adults with smiles, not stress. They will physically develop stronger and with less restriction. 

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