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From Hopeful to Healed: Hear it from Our Clients Firsthand.

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I have been dealing with hip bursitis pain from a half marathon 3 years ago. Ken and his team had me pain free in 3 weeks! I had done everything from steroid shots, pain pills, rest stretching, etc. with no relief. I am NOT kidding. I am pain free in 3 weeks!!

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I am not saying it’s a miracle but if you do I cannot argue! This place has clearly dialed into a procedure that actually works in real time.
Painful? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Thanks again and see you soon!

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They help you get out of pain fast. When I was living in LA and could not find a solution to my pain I had to fly back here to get help with my extreme lower back pain. They have a specific method that works like no other. You feel better on your first visit!

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Couldn’t recommend it any more than I already do. They listen to make sure to fully understand your point of pain, ask multiple questions and then literally dig in to resolve the issue. I’ve been going to Jordan for over a year and he has been incredible about helping release the pain and keeping me entertained during the entire procedure. Give these guys a trial. You will instantly understand what I’m talking about.

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Victor was great and really knew what he was talking about with my hip issues. I could already half way through our appointment feel relief coming. He was able to give me tips and advice on how to continue stretching and getting relief outside of the facility. I used to see Chris for my knees and I just love this place and the benefits and relief they give me. Will return again with any other issues that develop with getting older.

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I tell everyone I know who has been living with chronic pain about this incredible resource we have in our community. As so many of their other patients report, after trying numerous, different types of treatment modalities over the course of a decade, the treatment I received here was the first that provided me actual, lasting relief. I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to this place of healing, their dedicated and highly skilled bodywork therapists, and Moench method!

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I was referred to this place when my 7 month old suffered a pretty nasty fall. I had gone to urgent care, his pediatrician, and they both said that nothing was broken and he was fine. However, my baby was obviously still in pain and was no longer rolling over or sitting up without screaming. Ken was able to squeeze him into the schedule the very next day at the Westlake site and work on him. By the end of the session, my little guy was falling asleep. I scheduled two follow up appointments at the Round Rock location as Ken had recommended and now my baby is fully mobile again. Would definitely recommend!

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While you are getting your treatment you wonder "why am I putting myself through such pain?" but after, when you can move freely and pain free, you see that it was totally worth it! I have been a client for years and trust them completely.

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Amazing experience! Had no idea I could feel so much better after one visit & looking forward to my visit next week. Victor was so kind & explained everything. So glad my chiropractor referred me here!

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I have had chronic pain in my hand for months. After 2 sessions the pain is gone. I am so amazed! I would recommend this to anyone who is having pain. They are very thorough and the results are astounding!

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Let me start off by saying that I do not let anyone EVER touch/massage my back, I had spinal surgery when I was in High School and was convinced they would make the pain worse. Years later after physical therapy and having a job that requires me to be in a car 10 hrs a day 5 days a week my back pain is still through the roof. My client recommended I give the Moench Method a shot, so I went for it. At first I was skeptical, but Victor is very professional; he took the time to listen to my concerns, gave me realistic expectations on what to expect after my first session and even asked to see images of the hardware that I have in my back so that he could determine a safe and effective path to help me. The tightness and pain I experience daily has definitely gone down and not only will I continue to have sessions, I will also be recommending Victor and the Moench Method to my friends and family. Thank you Victor!

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Ken is described as a magician and for most folks, including myself, it's hard not to be skeptical about claims like this. Until you go. I took my soccer-playing daughter in to see Ken after she started experiencing lingering lower back pain that was keeping her sidelined even after rest and anti-inflammatory meds.
Ken walked through his process as he performed it, explaining what he was doing and why, going into detail on why various muscle groups in my daughter's body were overly tight and how he was "releasing" and lengthening them, and after he finished with a muscle group he would ask her to stand and touch her toes, and she'd marvel at how much more freely and pain-free she could move.
It's not magic, but you will start to believe in magic after a session with Ken.

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